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External Wall Insulation Keeping the heat in and noises out while improving the look of your property.

At FeatherEdge Plastering we specialise in providing external wall insulation to residential and commercial properties in Norwich and across Norfolk and Suffolk.

External wall insulation is the process of applying insulation to an exterior wall of a building, then covering it with industry proven rendering. In our case, we use widely regarded K Rend products

The result reduces expensive heat loss as well as enhancing the look of your property. Many people also discover the insulation decreases the level of external noise.

Reducing Energy Costs

If you want to reduce your energy bills and are worried about losing heat through the walls, then an external wall insulation installation will help. Homeowners can save hundreds of pounds every year in heating bills by having their outer walls insulated. And you only need to do it once.

Construction and Appearance

External wall insulation is achieved by applying insulation panels to the outer walls of your building. These are then strengthened with rendering and mesh before a final protective acrylic or silicon top-coat is applied.

The top-coat finish can be in a colour and texture of your choosing. Texture options include smooth, lightly textured, pebble dash and brick effect finishes

Benefits of External Wall Insulation

Helps to keep heat in thereby improving thermal

Reduces your energy bills

Improves the appearance of your outer walls

Acts as a protective barrier against weather damage

Reduces condensation on internal walls

Helps smother outside noise such as traffic and aircraft

Can be applied without major disruption to your daily routine

Improves the value of your property

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If you’re looking to reduce your energy bills, feel more snug in winter and improve the look and price of your property, then get in touch with our team here at FeatherEdge Plastering.

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